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Li, Mimi [1], Fu , Chengxin [1], Del Tredici, Peter [2], Corajod, Jeffrey [3], Li, Jianhua [4].

Phylogenetic relationships of Theaceae inferred from multiple plastid genes.

Theaceae are a plant family of great economic, ecological, and cultural importance, and consist of seven genera and over 200 species. Morphological studies and molecular phylogenetic analyses have recognized three lineages in the family; however, relationships among the three lineages are unclear. In addition, it has been controversial whether to recognize two genera or one genus of Stewartia and Hartia. Each of the lineages shows a disjunct distribution between eastern Asia and North America. In this study we used more than 40,000 base pairs of chloroplast genes to gain a better understanding of the phylogeneics and biogeography of Theaceae. Our results provided strong support for the three lineages in the family: Theeae, Stewartieae, and Gordonieae, and further recognized the basal position of Stewartieae. The results are consistent with Keng's (1962) conclusions based on fruit and seed morphology. Furthermore, our data support the combination of Hartia and Stewartia. Divergence times of eastern Asian-North American disjunct taxa (Franklinia and Schima in Gordonieae and Stewartia ovata and S. malacodendron of North America and Asian species of Stewartia and Hartia in Stewartieae) were estimated to the mid-Miocene, which agrees with recent estimates of the disjunction in other angiosperm taxa.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - Zhejiang University, School of Life Sciences, Zijingang campus, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310058, China
2 - Harvard University, Arnold Arboretum, 125 Arborway, Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130, USA
3 - Hope College, Biology Department, 35 E 12th St., Holland, MI, 49423, USA
4 - Hope College, Biology, 35E 12th Street, Holland, MI, 49423, USA

plastid sequences
Inverted repeat
ENA / EAS disjunction.

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Session: 49
Location: 552B/Convention Center
Date: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Time: 10:30 AM
Number: 49011
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