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Shipunov, Alexey B. [1].

Haptanthus story: rediscovery of enigmatic flowering plant from Honduras. .

Haptantus hazlettii (Haptanthaceae) is probably among the most rare plants in the world. It has been collected from Northern Honduras (Central America) once in 1980, described in 1989, and for the twenty years numerous attempts to recollect it have been failed. Reproductive organs of Haptanthus, especially inflorescence structure and male organs (flowers or stamens in different interpretations) are unique among angiosperms and make the search for relationships difficult. Nevertheless, Buxaceae, Chloranthaceae and some Malpighiales have been nominated as candidate related taxa. Unfortunately, all attempts to extract DNA and proteins from existing sample were unsuccessful. In 2010, we organized a small expedition to Honduras and have been able to re-collect this plant, extract DNA from dried samples, sequence barcoding rbcL region and construct phylogenetic trees with reliable support for the placement of Haptanthus. With the help of colleagues from Lancetilla Botanical Garden (Tela, Honduras), we are now on the way of establishing protected area for Haptanthus.

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Haptanthus story: rediscovery of enigmatic flowering plant from Honduras

1 - Encyclopedia of Life


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