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Bush, Catherine [1], Fritsch, Peter W. [2], Cruz, Boni C. [2], Sanchez, Adriana [3], Kron, Kathleen A. [4].

The Phylogeny, Morphology and Biogeography of the Brazilian Gaultheria species.

There are six species of Gaultheria that are endemic to the Mata Atlantica (Atlantic rainforest) in Brazil. Several exhibit unique morphological characters within Gaultheria. Gaultheria bradeana, G. myrtilloides, G. serrata and G. ulei all have the typical Gaultheria fruit morphology (capsular fruit surrounded by a colored fleshy calyx). However, G. itatiaiae and G. sleumeriana have capsular fruits and dry calyces which are only present in some species of Gaultheria in New Zealand (G. colensoi, G. crassa, G. oppositifolia, G. paniculata and G. rupestris) as well as one species in temperate South America (G. nubigena). Gaultheria bradeana has the unusual characters of fleshy pedicels and bracteoles. Gaylussacia corvensis has recently been identified as a new species of Gaultheria and this taxon exhibits capsular fruits with only slightly fleshy calyx lobes. The endemic Brazilian species of Gaultheria have never been examined in a phylogenetic analysis. Analyses of both chloroplast and nuclear data, including all Gaultheria species present in Brazil (except G. ulei), indicate that five of the six sampled endemic species are monophyletic with strong support. Gaultheria serrata is nested in a clade of Gaultheria species from tropical South America/Mexico. The results indicate that the Brazilian species of Gaultheria have close relatives in the Andes as well as in temperate South America.

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1 - Wake Forest University, Department of Biology, PO Box 7325, Winston-Salem, NC, 27109-7325, USA
2 - California Academy of Sciences, Department of Botany, 55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, 94118-4503, USA
3 - Wake Forest University, Department of Biology, PO Box 7325, 226 Winston Hall, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27109-7325, USA
4 - Wake Forest University, Department of Biology, PO Box 7325 , Reynolda Station, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109-7325, 27109, USA

Temperate South America.

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Date: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
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