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The Stress of Life with Light:: a Graeme Berlyn retrospective

Bergweiler, Christopher [1].

UniSpec: A Spectral Reflectance Tool With Leaf- to Ecosystem-Level Applications in Plant Biology.

An explanation of the theory of how the spectral reflectance instrument captures the spectral signature of the plant, how reflectance and how absorption are measured, and what the spectral indices signify in plant physiology will be made. There will also be a discussion of how the software performs its multitasking functions for the statistical and index as well as multisignature tasking. A description of the UNISPEC instrument, how it captures the signature of various plant anotomical parts, as well as background signatures and noise will occur. Results of work with collaborating investigators will be outlined from leaf to ecosystem with the range of ecosystems being measuring by spectral reflectance data presently.

Broader Impacts:
Plant physiology has a series of important parameters to be measured with none more important than photosynthesis. Frequently photosynthesis has been only measured at the chlorophyll a and b areas within the red light ranges, leaving a wide range of pigments unmeasured which may well enter into responses in a significant manner. In fact many instruments are only built to measure specific nanno meters of light associated with chlorophyll a and sometimes chlorophyll b. This instrument overcomes those difficulties and allows the investigator to measure the full range of responses of a wide variety of plant parts to light stimuli . This is particularly meaningfull in lower plants, shade plants, and difficult light environments other than full sunlight.

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1 - Adminstrative Scientist, PP Systems, 110 Haverhill Road, Suite 301 , Amesbury,, MA, 01913, usa

Spectral reflectance
light signature
plant responses
plant pigments
chlorophyll a
chlorophyll b
whole living plant responses.

Presentation Type: Symposium or Colloquium Presentation
Session: SY5
Location: 554/Convention Center
Date: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Time: 8:45 AM
Number: SY5003
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