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Stress Tolerance

Waldenmaier, Hans [1], Gladish, Daniel, K. [2].

Gene Expression Patterns of Programmed Cell Death During Vascular Aerenchyma Formation in Seedling Roots of Glycine max cv. 'Yukihomare'.

Each year flooding greatly reduces the yield of many crops. The flooding of crop lands results in the depletion of soil oxygen levels, which causes a physiological stress in the plants. Understanding the morphological and the molecular adaptations to hypoxic conditions is essential for the development of flood-tolerant crops. Some crops develop lysigenous aerenchyma in their roots in response to hypoxic soil conditions, usually in the cortex. The gas-filled aerenchyma can potentially provide new conduits for gas diffusion between the root tip and aerial portions of the plant. Evidence shows that lysigenous aerenchyma form by programmed cell death. Like some other legumes, when flooded Glycine max cv. ‘Yukihomare’ develops a longitudinal cavity in the vascular cylinder beginning 1.0 cm behind the root tip and extending for varying distances toward the root base. Studying vascular cavity formation in G. max has advantages, large amounts of molecular and genetic data are now available, including the completed genome sequence and DNA microarrays. Currently we are investigating vascular cavity formation in order to identify genes involved. This study is focused around a 24 hour time course DNA microarray analysis of total RNA of the Glycine max primary root during vascular cavity formation. Preliminary results indicate that about 3500 genes are temporally up- or down-regulated two-fold or more in response to flooding.

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1 - Miami University, Botany, 367c Pearson Hall, Oxford , OH, 45056, USA
2 - Miami University, Botany, 544 Mosler Hall, Hamilton, OH, 45011, USA

Glycine max
Programmed Cell Death

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Topics
Session: 57
Location: 555A/Convention Center
Date: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Time: 1:30 PM
Number: 57001
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