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Grady, Autumn [1], Weber, Andrew [2], Bowditch, Brunella [1].

Species identification, of New Jersey oxeye daisies Leucanthemum Miller Compositae.

The oxeye daisy genus, Leucanthemum Miller, Compositae is a genus of daisies not native to the US, but which was introduced by Europeans, most likely with seed crops. The taxonomy of the genus is still quite controversial in Europe, with most southern European countries recognizing many separate species, and a couple of Northern European countries recognizing aggregate species with main variants. This controversy could be due to the fact that southern Europe offers a much more diverse environment with geographically close, but separate ecological niches. The question remains as to whether the southern European entities are discrete taxonomic species. While collecting in New Jersey, we encountered a species of oxeye daisy. We used systematic keys to identify it, and then collected chromosome and flavonoid data to determine without question the identity of the species. Through this analysis we were able to determine that southern European morphological features were kept in the New Jersey entity despite its process of introduction and naturalization in the United States. Chromosome and flavonoid data also gave interesting results which will be discussed.

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1 - Georgian COurt University, Biology , 900 Lakewood ave, Lakewood , NJ, 08701, USA
2 - Georgian Court University, chemistry, 900 Lakewood ave, Lakewood , NJ, 08701, USA

oxeye daisy
New Jersey
chromosome number.

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Session: 36
Location: 556A/Convention Center
Date: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Time: 4:30 PM
Number: 36015
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