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Egan, Ashley N. [1], Doyle, Jane L. [1], Doyle, Jeff J. [1].

Estimating the degree of species and geoclimatic monophyly within the A-genome group of Glycine (Fabaceae).

The genus Glycine (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae) is composed of ~26 species and includes the cultivated soybean, G. max. The group is further divided into genome groups based on crossing experiments. However, relationships among species within genome groups are often difficult to determine because of possible gene flow among species, making species delimitation a priority in this genus. The A-genome group includes eight named wild, perennial species found in all major climatic zones within Australia, ranging from hot, humid to cool, temperate climes. To understand speciation in the group, we analyzed five nuclear genes using phylogenetic and network analyses in an effort to delimit species. Our results suggested that not all species are monophyletic, but that some degree of species exclusivity does exist. Furthermore, network analyses illustrate some groupings delineated by geoclimatic region. We quantify the degree of monophyly as defined by currently circumscribed species or geoclimatic region using the genealogical sorting index, a statistical measure of exclusivity of ancestry for defined groups in a phylogenetic context. We calculate this statistic for each of our five gene regions as well as for the concatenated dataset. Our results suggest that the degree of monophyly is generally higher when grouped by currently circumscribed species as compared to geoclimatic region. We also show that the degree of monophyly is highest for the combined dataset as compared to individual genes, in the majority of cases.

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1 - Cornell University, Department of Plant Biology, L.H. Bailey Hortorium, 412 Mann Library Building, Ithaca,, New York, 14853-5908, USA

Genealogical Sorting Index
Species delimitation

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 10
Location: Ballroom D/Convention Center
Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Time: 3:45 PM
Number: 10011
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