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Croley, Matthew [1], Brunner, Anna [2], Moore, Michael [2].

The phylogeny and phylogeography of gypsophily within Acleisanthes (Nyctaginaceae).

Acleisanthes A. Gray (Nyctaginaceae) is a genus of 16 arid-adapted species. With the exception of the African A. somalensis, the genus has a center of distribution within the Chihuahuan Desert. Four species are gypsophilic, or restricted to gypsum (hydrated calcium sulfate, CaSO4·2H2O): A. lanceolata (Wooten) R.A. Levin, A. palmeri (Hemsley) Levin, A. purpusiana (Heimerl) Levin, and A. parvifolia (Torrey) Levin. Collectively, these allopatric species are geographically widespread, spanning much of the Chihuahuan Desert. Morphological and phylogenetic evidence suggests that these 4 species may form a clade. The geographic distribution of this putative clade is similar to that of other gypsophilic groups in the Chihuauhuan Desert, suggesting that a common phylogeographic history may be shared among the regionally dominant members of the Chihuahuan Desert gypsophilic flora. Further phylogeographic studies of the gypsophilic taxa within Acleisanthes, including their relationship to each other as well as their collective place within the genus, could be valuable in clarifying these larger patterns of gypsophily throughout the region. Our research was motivated by the following specific questions: (1) Do the four gypsophilic species of Acleisanthes result from a single origin?; (2) Is there high genetic diversity within the gypsophilic species, as might be expected given their widespread distribution and the geographic isolation of gypsum deposits? and (3) Is any phylogeographic variation within these species congruent with that of other regionally dominant gypsophiles? To address these questions, we reconstructed the phylogeny of Acleisanthes by generating and analyzing DNA sequences for ITS and four chloroplast spacer regions (ndhF/rpl32, rpl32/trnL, ndhC/trnV, and rps16/trnQ). We sampled all taxa with Acleisanthes except A. somalensis, including multiple populations for most species and 29 populations of A. lanceolata.

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1 - Oberlin College, Biology Department, 119 Woodland Street, Science Center K123, Oberlin, OH, 44074, USA
2 - Oberlin College, Biology Department, 119 Woodland Street, Science Center K111, Oberlin, Ohio, 44074-1097, USA

Chihuahuan Desert

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Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010
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