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Conservation Biology

Pasiche Lisboa, Carlos J.  [1], Sastre De Jesus, Ines [1].

Effect of pH medium on bryophyte growth: A study for protocol optimization.

Anthropogenic disturbance has taken a toll in bryophyte species diversity and richness. Bryophyte in situ or ex situ culture has aided in the restoration and conservation of endangered species. In neotropical regions, it is poorly understood how ex situ technique like in vitro culture may affect these plants. The medium pH is a factor that can influence spore and asexual propagules germination and protonemata or gametophyte module differentiation. Therefore , effects of medium pH (4, 5, 6) on gametophyte modules (Neckeropsis disticha, Pilotrichidium antillarum, Pottiaceae sp.), spore (Octoblepharum albidum and Sematophyllum subsimplex), and asexual propagula (Calymperes afzelii)
were studied to observe species requirements for optimal growth and differentiation. Plants samples were inoculated into autoclaved petri dish that contained different pH treatments (4, 5, 6) and ¬Ĺ MS medium. At 5 weeks of culture,variation in plant modules growth was measured and compared between pH treatments for each species. Species demonstrated various growth patterns. Low survival limited the production of gametophyte modules in Pottiaceae sp. among treatments. While, Neckeropsis disticha and Pilotrichidum antillarum where able to grow, but did not vary in the different pH. In some species (Octoblepharum albidum & Calymperes afzelii) there was a marked tendency to increase growth when pH was augmented. However , in Sematophyllum subsimplex growth increased when pH medium was lowered. The augmentation/lowering of pH may alter or not growth pattern, this will depend on the species requirement. Further detail studies in pH ranges(4-5,-5-6) will elucidate the necessary media for optimal bryophyte species growth.

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1 - University of Puerto Rico-MayagŁez Campus, Biology, Carr. 108 Barrio Miradero Km 1.3, MayagŁez, PR, 00680, USA

Ex situ conservation
in vitro

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Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010
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