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McCarthy, Mirabai [1], Hickey, R. James [2].

Redefining Adiantum trapeziforme L. (Adiantaceae): A Morphological and Biogeographical Perspective.

Adiantum trapeziforme L. (Adiantaceae) is a Neo tropical fern that extends from Mexico, throughout Central America and into Cuba, Jamaica, and the Lesser Antilles, with additional reports in southern Florida, Peru, and Brazil. Adiantum trapeziforme exhibits a considerable amount of morphological variation across its range, which has led to inconsistent interpretations of this species. The current understanding of A. trapeziforme may be further confounded by the fact that the name is typified with an illustration by Sloane (1707: t. 59). Results from a broad survey of A. trapeziforme reveal the existence of several distinct morphologies within the current circumscription of A. trapeziforme, including a Caribbean taxon, which is commonly found throughout the Caribbean islands and along the Caribbean coastline of several Central American countries and Mexico, a western-central taxon ranging from central Mexico, extending southward & westward to Guatemala, and a Central American taxon ranging throughout the central region of Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The informative characters used to differentiate these taxa include architecture of the lamina (pedate vs. pinnate), segment shape and size, length of the segments stalks, and presence or absence of pubescence.

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1 - Department of Botany, 316 Pearson Hall, Oxford, Ohio, 45056, USA
2 - Miami University, Department of Botany, Oxford, OH, 45056, USA


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Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010
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