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Groff, Paul A. [1], Hale, Amanda M. [2], Whitlock, Barbara A. [1].

Chloroplast lineages in disjunct western North American populations of Swertia perennis L. (Gentianaceae).

Swertia perennis ranges discontinuously across Eurasia to the mountains of western North America, in a series of geographic isolates sometimes recognized as distinct taxa. We sequenced chloroplast markers trnL, trnL-trnF, and trnH-psbA from 26 North American populations of S. perennis, two Altai populations, and ten outgroup taxa, and analyzed these data with previously published sequences. The trnL-trnF spacer does not vary in our sample of North American S. perennis, but varies elsewhere. The trnL intron yields four North American haplotypes; one of these also occurs in the Altai. Combining trnL, trnLF and trnH-psbA yields 11 distinct haplotypes from North America and two additional ones from the Altai. Parsimony analyses resolve rooted phylogenies of chloroplast lineages within North American S. perennis.  In our sample, some lineages have well-characterized, non-overlapping geographic ranges. Further sampling will likely reveal additional haplotypes and polymorphism within populations or geographic areas, but this study lays a foundation for investigations of phylogenetic biogeography in S. perennis and co-distributed species of Gentianaceae.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - University of Miami, Department of Biology, Coral Gables, FL, 33124, USA
2 - Texas Christian University, Department of Biological Sciences, Fort Worth, TX, 76129, USA

mountain wet meadows
Great Basin
chloroplast DNA.

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