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Gunathilake, Anuradha [1], Groff, Paul A. [1], Whitlock, Barbara A. [1].

Phylogeny and geography of the Gentiana affinis complex (Gentiana section Pneumonanthe, Gentianaceae).

The species of Gentiana section Pneumonanthe in Western North America have long been known to present a complex pattern of variation that has led to very variable taxonomic treatments. Especially in the generally dry Intermountain region, Gentiana species tend to occupy locally moist and/or montane-to-alpine habitats. Therefore populations are highly disjunct from one another. Here we report preliminary results from a study of species limits in Western North American Gentiana section Pneumonanthe, employing chloroplast DNA sequences to identify lineages within the G. affinis complex and map their geographic distribution across this region whose biogeography and floristic history have been controversial. We sequenced three chloroplast markers (trnL intron, trnL-trnF spacer and trnH-psbA spacer) from each of 47 individuals of Gentiana collected across nine states. We identified haplotypes and used parsimony analysis to reconstruct their phylogeny. We identify three clades within section Pneumonanthe associated with the species G. calycosa, G. parryi and G. affinis. Nine haplotypes were identified within the G. affinis clade. The distribution pattern of these haplotypes suggests a hypothesis that the G. affinis complex as a whole may have migrated northwards through the Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin.

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1 - University of Miami, Department of Biology, Coral Gables, FL, 33124, USA

mountain wet meadows
Western North America

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Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010
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