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Jorgensen, Stacy [1], McHenry, Monique [2], Barrington, David S. [1].

Insights into the relationships of two Costa Rican allotetraploids in the fern genus Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae) from nuclear DNA sequence analysis.

Allopolyploids incorporate genomes from different progenitors, usually different species; they often arise from a hybridization event followed by a cellular event in which there is chromosome replication but not cell division. Though allopolyploid ferns are rare in the tropics, two tetraploids with allopolyploid genetic signatures are known from the alpine zone of the Talamanca Range in Costa Rica and Panama. The first, Polystichum talamancanum, is endemic to the range; it has as progenitors Polystichum concinnum, also endemic to the range, and an unknown diploid. The second, Polystichum orbiculatum, is in contrast a characteristic fern of alpine terrains from Mexico to Bolivia; previous work indicates that the unknown progenitor of P. talamancanum is one of its progenitors. We used direct and cloned sequences from the single-copy nuclear genes gapCp and PGIc to characterize the genomes of these two tetraploids, with the goal of discerning the concinnum genome in P. talamancanum and testing the hypothesis that the remaining genome in P. talamancanum is shared with P. orbiculatum.

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1 - University of Vermont, Plant Biology Department, Jeffords Hall , 63 Carrigan Dr. , Burlington, VT, 05405, United States
2 - University of Vermont, Plant Biology, 109 Carrigan Dr, Burlington, VT, 05630, United States

molecular genetics.

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Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010
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