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Saghatelyan, Anna [1].

An analysis of the vascular flora of Edwards Plateau of west-central Texas.

As a part of a comparative floristic project, a vascular flora of the Texas Edwards Plateau was analyzed. A checklist of the flora was compiled. The species distribution outlines were studied and classified into 20 geographical elements. The obtained taxonomic and geographic spectra of the flora were then compared with those of the previously analyzed Big Bend Region flora. The Edwards Plateau flora has 1705 species. The family spectra of both floras are close. While more species of the Edwards Plateau flora are in temperate families, like Cyperaceae and Rosaceae, as well as in mostly tropical Euphorbiaceae, the Big Bend spectrum has more species of highly diverse in south-western North American deserts families, like Cactaceae, Nyctaginaceae, and Chenopodiaceae. Higher numbers in mesophyllous genera and more connections with the Eastern Region are evident from the generic spectrum of the Edwards Plateau flora, while the Big Bend flora spectrum has more species in desert genera of the Western Region. The geographical spectra show a deeper dichotomy. The Edwards Plateau flora has higher numbers of eastern North American, gulf coast, and tamaulipan geoelements. To the contrary, much higher numbers of the madrean, sonoran, and west and south-western North American geoelements are in the Big Bend flora. The Chihuahuan element scores the highest in both floras. Representation of the Comanchian element and local Edwards Plateau endemics in the Edwards Plateau flora is comparable to the level of the Apachian geoelement and south-west Texas endemics in the Big Bend flora.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - McMurry University, Biology, McM Station Box 368, Abilene, Texas, 79697, USA

geographical element
Chihuahuan Desert
taxonomic spectrum
comparative analysis

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Session: 28
Location: 552B/Convention Center
Date: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Time: 8:00 AM
Number: 28001
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