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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLS

Pino, Raquel [1], Burgaz, Ana Rosa [2], Martin, M. Paz [3].

Species delimitations in the lichen genus Cladonia (lichen forming fungi): some cases with Mediterranean samples.

The genus Cladonia comprises nearly 500 species worldwide distributed and is a conspicuous element of many regions. Although easily recognized at genus level the morphology and chemical variability is poorly understood in several cases. Based on molecular data of different loci (ITS rDNA, rpb, ef1α and mtLSU) we study the species delimitations of some Mediterranean samples. C. subulata and C. rei are two lichen species closely related from a morphological viewpoint and their species rank has been often questioned. The results reveal two strongly supported monophyletic clades, correlated with the two taxa. C. subturgida and C. iberica constitute a whole of Mediterranean problematic species, which show a great morphological polymorphism. The results prove that C. subturgida and C. iberica should be treated as a single species morphological and chemically polymorphic while C. subturgida var. corsicana is recognized in the complex. The phylogenetic relationships of C. firma with C. convoluta and C. foliacea, members of the old subsection Folioseae are up to date unknown. The analyses do not differentiate two groups, C. foliacea and C. convoluta. All the studied specimens could be a single species, provided it has a great morphologic variability. While C. firma has a closer connection to C. cervicornis than to C. foliacea and C. convoluta.

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1 - Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Biologia Vegetal I, Jose Antonio Novais 2, Madrid, 28040, Spain
2 - Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Biologia Vegetal I, Jose Antonio Novais 2, Madrid, 28040, Madrid
3 - Real Jardin Botanico, CSIC, Micologia, Pza. Murillo 2, Madrid, 28014, Spain

species delimitation

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Location: Hall A/Convention Center
Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PBL001
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